As an industry expert, I’m regularly sought out to offer insight into brand and bar matters. My time is a finite resource – and I have bills to pay and cocktails to buy – so I reserve pro-bono work for the committees and panels I have the honour of sitting on, industry-upliftment programmes, mentoring and philanthropic causes.

Want my advice or professional opinion for anything else? Kindly drop me a line, outlining your needs, and I’ll send you a quote for a consultation.


Here’s what I offer:

  • Features writing
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Publishing of partner content
  • Social-media collaborations
  • Event appearances
  • Competition judging
  • Brand consulting
  • Event planning and management
  • Spirits instruction

Need something else that you think I can handle? Give me a shout.


I write for a number of distinguished publications, including Daily Maverick, Food24, Eat Out and more. I’m always excited to acquire new bylines, so if you have a commission for me, please get in touch!

Not an editor? Please understand I’m a professional freelance journalist rather than a hobby blogger who writes for fun. This site is essentially my portfolio, showcasing some of the work I’ve had published elsewhere; it’s not a blog.

It’s entirely up to in-house editorial teams whether they choose to commission me to cover a story or not. If you’re determined to have me write about your event, venue or brand and my editors aren’t biting, we can discuss a commission for this site.


I value being kept in the loop on topics I cover! If you own or represent a relevant brand, please do send me press info. I don’t, however, take requests for editorial, and will only cover stories as commissioned by my various editors.

If you’d like me to publish a press release here, please contact me to discuss my rates.


I love receiving samples, so keep ’em coming! Please note that this is done at your discretion, and my accepting them does not constitute an obligation to review or cover the product in the publications I write for.

If you’d like to secure exposure, I do offer paid collaborations on my social-media channels, as well as publication of press releases on this site. Please drop me a mail to discuss rates.


I’m a big fan of the ‘gram! Unfortunately I don’t have the capacity to create content for all the samples I receive or events I attend. To guarantee exposure, please chat to me about paid collaborations.


I enjoy attending media and industry events, so please invite me! While I endeavour to show support on social media where possible, I can’t, however, guarantee I’ll cover an event for any of the publications I write for.

If you’d like me to get involved somehow, whether as a judge, panelist or speaker, please mail me to discuss rates.


I’m always chuffed when my social-media images or videos are reshared, provided I’m credited! If you’d like to purchase anything to use for other marketing purposes, please reach out to discuss rates.


Here are some of the things I can advise on and assist with:

  • Branding (including packaging and brand story)
  • Brand positioning 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • How the spirits industry works
  • Getting your brand to market
  • Award programmes
  • Marketing material 
  • Social-media management
  • PR/media management
  • Event planning 


For recommendations and endorsements from previous clients, partners, employers and colleagues, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile.


If you’d like to know more about me, see my About‘ page. For a list of publications I’ve written for, competitions I’ve judged and clients I’ve worked with, see ‘Bylines, Judging & Clients‘.