From behind bars to behind the stick

The bar industry is known for attracting unconventional souls, those who reject the formal white-collar world in favor of an atmosphere that’s more sociable. Forgiving, even.

Stephanie Simbo – a French entrepreneur and former bartender living in Cape Town, South Africa – knew this, and decided that bars might offer the perfect working environment for former inmates looking for a new start. She liked the idea so much that she started Beyond Bars Akademia, a non-profit that aims to facilitate the placement of ex-convicts within the South African bar industry.


Malaria-free safaris

So you’ve been thinking about a safari and want to know all about malaria in Africa. Malaria is easily preventable through medication, and there are ways to avoid getting bitten at all. Here’s how you can safely travel to malaria areas, and a list of fantastic safari destinations that are malaria free or low risk.