7 May 2020
Fermented launches ‘Meet the Bartenders’ fundraiser

Fermented, a platform for celebrating all things fermented, has launched a weekly Q&A livestream called Meet the Bartenders.

Each week, Fermented founder Murray Slater hosts three bartenders (or industry associates) simultaneously on Facebook Live and YouTube. While watching these purveyors of all things fermented shake and stir up cocktails, viewers are invited to post questions, with the best question winning a prize.

The purpose of the webinars is raise funds for the bartending community, brought to its knees due to South Africa’s prohibitionary stance towards the Covid-19 pandemic, where livelihoods related to liquor have being outlawed. A QR code pops up throughout the show, allowing for quick and easy donations, large or small, all of which go directly to the venues being represented.

The inaugural Meet the Bartenders Q&A on 29 April 2020 featured bar owners Kurt Schlechter (Cause Effect), Michael Stephenson (Lucky Shaker) and Julian Short (Sin+Tax).

The second, sponsored by Leonista Agave Spirit on 6 May 2020, showcased Gareth Wainwright and Lungi Nduna from The Little Fox, in conversation with Chantelle Horn of Crave.

Next, Owen O’Reilly and Peter Lebese of Sip Exclusive mobile bar company will take the spotlight, along with drinks writer Leah van Deventer – sponsored by Six Dogs Gin.

Catch it live on 13 May 2020 from 6–7.30pm on YouTube or Facebook.

Weekly events will be listed on Fermented’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/fermented.co.za

You can also watch the events afterwards, on Fermented’s YouTube channel:

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