Life beyond bars: finding a place for formerly incarcerated women within the hospitality industry

South Africa’s unemployment rate is sitting at around 27%, which translates to some 6 million individuals of working age being jobless. It should come as no surprise that – in desperation – many turn to crime, ending up incarcerated. And when they’re released, they’re faced with the same dire employment opportunities, yet their situation is compounded by the fact that jobs are even harder to come by for formerly incarcerated people…


Rum diaries with Angostura

The rum revolution is underway, with the popularity of this fun drink on a significant upswing. Leah van Deventer went all the way to the Caribbean, the historic home of rum, to chat to Master Blender at Angostura Rum, Carol Homer-Caesar, to find out about the art – and science – behind rum blending.


From behind bars to behind the stick

The bar industry is known for attracting unconventional souls, those who reject the formal white-collar world in favor of an atmosphere that’s more sociable. Forgiving, even.

Stephanie Simbo – a French entrepreneur and former bartender living in Cape Town, South Africa – knew this, and decided that bars might offer the perfect working environment for former inmates looking for a new start. She liked the idea so much that she started Beyond Bars Akademia, a non-profit that aims to facilitate the placement of ex-convicts within the South African bar industry.