17 Jul 2017
¡Arriba abajo al centro pa’ dentro!: 6 ways to celebrate World Tequila Day

World Tequila Day is celebrated annually on 24 July. Here are six ways to get your tequila on in 2017.

1. Smash a tequila bar

If you really want to celebrate all things tequila, your go-to option should be to throw name at a tequila bar. Luckily, there are a few super fun places across South Africa where you can do just that.

In Cape Town, you’ve got Cabrito and El Cartel Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar; in Joburg, head down to La Rosa Mexican Grille and Tequileria; in Durbs make a beeline for Gringos Mexican Canteen; and in Port Elizabeth hit Tilting Heads Taco Café and Margarita Bar.

2. Munch Mexican fare

If you need to trick your friends into a tequila night, tell them you’re in the mood for Mexican food … Mexico is the home of tequila after all. We all know it’s not a far leap from that first jug of frozen margaritas (strawberry, lime or half-and-half) to dancing on the tables wearing (just?) a questionable sombrero.

In Cape Town, San Julian, El Burro and Cabrón Taco Bar are all great; in Jozi opt for The Gringo Café; in Durban try El Toro; in Knysna there’s La Paz; and in Mpumalanga go to Picasso’s Mexican Taqueria

3. Find an actual World Tequila Day event

You’d think this would be the most obvious choice, but it seems Mzansi has some catching up to do when it comes to dedicated celebrations. That said, Joburg has one, and the supposedly culinary underdog of Pretoria has two.

At Weltevreden Park’s La Rosa Mexican Grille and Tequileria each customer will receive a free El Jimador tequila on arrival on the 24th, and El Jimador shots and cocktails will be half price all day. 

At Groenkloof’s Baracas Wine & Beer Bar on 23 July, R50 will get you a welcome tequila plus live music, and Faerie Glen’s Blos Café is doing free tequila tastings on 24 July.

4. Play Tequila Standoff

You know what a Mexican standoff is right? Well, Tequila Standoff is when two people face each other and shoot tequilas; whoever pulls a face, makes a sound or flinches in any way loses, and has to do a truth or dare.

A variation is when a group does shots together, but only one glass is filled with tequila while the rest hold plain old H20 (you’ll need blanco tequila for this one). Whoever gets the tequila has to do a truth or dare.

5. Get civilised with a tequila tasting

While here in South Africa we tend to shoot tequila, it’s actually a sipping drink. Why not slow things down with a tequila tasting, comparing several different styles? 

And don’t forget to include some home-grown brands too, such as Hope on Hopkins Esperanza Blanco (made from 100% organic South African agave), La Leona Blanco, Reposado or Honey Reposado (made from 100% Karoo agave) and Dia Noche Gold, Lemon Mint or Ginger Bread (made from 100% blue agave).

6. Whip up some tequila cocktails

You can’t call yourself a true tequila fan unless you can make a killer tequila cocktail (or five). Personally, I lean towards a Tommy’s Margarita, but you can try your hand at a Twisted Margarita, a Tequila Holiday or even a Margarita de Canelle Experiosa.

I suggest you throw in some snacks to line the ol’ stomach first. Try these pulled pork tacos, nacho bites or sweet and spicy fajitas.


This post first appeared on Food24 on 17 July 2017.

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